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We specialize in radio controlled aerial photography that delivers new breathtaking points of view at low cost and high flexibility. Our fleet consists of multirotor helicopters that are capable of carrying heavy payloads. We shoot stills, 360 panorama and high definition video, using DSLR equipment. Our aerial rigs are ready for action in about 15 minutes after arriving at the scene and it only takes a few minutes to capture a full 360 panorama. Our staff has profound experience in both RC technology and photography. Our products are fully customized to meet your needs and we can also carry camera equipment provided by you, if necessary. If you want to know more or ask for a quotation, please send us email. If there are any special requirements for the shoot for example a need to fly over water or in narrow spaces, please remember to mention them so that they can be arranged.

360 panoramas are a powerful and easy way to demonstrate places. They convey more info than a normal still photos and feel much more realistic. It almost feels like you’re inside the panorama. We shoot high resolution panoramas with a decade of experience. The result is a high-quality flash presentation which can be easily embedded into your existing website. It boosts the credibility of your site and gives a good first impression to your clients. We also shoot aerial and pole 360 panoramas that can show a very large landscape at the same time. To know more, feel free to contact us so that we can customize the product to meet your needs.

By combining multiple panoramas we can create an easily navigable presentation that can be tagged with information, for example info windows, still photos, video links and much more. A great example of this is our webpage which is quite unique in many aspects. It is a “virtual world”, where you can navigate by clicking on the helicopter icons. Companies and organizations who wish to introduce locations quickly and impressively, benefit greatly from interactive panorama presentations. The presentations can be fully customized to help hotels, industries, cities, farming, real estate business and many others to stand out in the market. To know more about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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360 panorama.fi specializes in high-quality 360 panoramic photographyWe also teach 360 panorama photography and other techniques to companies, different educational institutions, media houses and other photographers. Some of the techniques can be found Here. We offer our expertise for large international players, as well as small local companies. 360panorama.fi is created by Rami Saarikorpi. Saarikorpi.com

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