Rami Saarikorpi

I am a Finland-based Virtual Reality (VR) panoramic photographer. I’m currently self-employed, shooting 360 panoramas and videos of varying locations and companies. I also use poles and UAV:s for regular and 360 panoramic pictures and videos. I also teach special photographic techniques, for example HDR, sequence, timelapse, gigapan, pole/mast photography and object 360 panorama photography. I also teach 360 panorama photography and other techniques to companies, different educational institutions, media houses and other photographers. I offer my expertise for large international players, as well as small local companies.

I have written a book about 360 panorama photography with Kenneth Lehtinen. The book is called Näyttävä panoraamakuvaus,  (publisher is Docendo). This book will teach you everything about panoramic photography, from taking pictures to publishing them.

I have invented a photography pole, which is currently produced by Exel Oyj. The standard poles are 6 and 10 meters high, but it is also possible to order a pole which rises up to 20 meters. All poles, made ofcarbon fiber or composite, can be ordered with custom made tripods.

I have been shooting and learning about 360 panoramas since the days digital cameras came on the market. Back then there were no books or other sources from which to learn this technique, so I pretty much had to manage on my own. At the beginning of the 2000s I had the opportunity to learn from the best! Thanks to Jeffrey Martin for guiding me. Jeffrey is the founder of 360cities.net (the world’s largest panoramic photography platform) and the creator of Sphericam, a 360º video camera.

Some of the best-known works that I have done include: WRC (FIA World Rally Championship), Red Bull, Samsung, Valoparta, Ilosaarirock, Nightwish. Se more references here.