360 Panorama photography

With virtual 360 panoramic images, it is easy to introduce almost anything. Here is example of yacht Star of Saimaa. 360 images makes it easy to explore this 22-meter luxury cruise ship.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer

When ordering 360° panoramas through me, as certified Google photographer, I can add photos to Google street view, MyBusiness, maps and Google Earth services.

YLE:n uutis-studio

YLE’s news renewed studio. This example works well, as it is not normally possible to wisit here in pesron.

Voice of Finland


360 panoramas can be uploadet, for example to 360cities.net, where they can be embeddet to other websites. This site is the world’s largest and most popular service with 360 panoramas. Normal panoramas and 360 videos can be uploadet on the those pages.