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The mediator may decide that the official must be disciplined. This may include the dismissal of the police. If an offence has been committed, the officer may also be charged and the case dealt with by the criminal courts. The Ombudsman`s law restricts the NT Ombudsman`s power to investigate the conduct of a police officer in the exercise of a power or in the performance of his or her duties as a police officer and does not include acts committed during his or her service. The Ombudsman is independent of the NT police and looks impartially at reports of police misconduct in the NT. When you report police misconduct in the NT, you must provide all the details of what you said, including: If you file your complaint by phone or in person at the police station, you must record the name and details of the person you spoke with and what they say about your complaint. “The community understands the hard work of our police and we expect all members of the bargaining table to reflect the views of the broader community and their respect for our police. A spokeswoman for the association said Katherine`s members had contributed to the general police position. The preferred way for you to report police misconduct in the NT is to contact the police and try to solve your problems directly with them. You can complain to you: if you have a complaint of police misconduct in the NT, this should be done as soon as possible, as there are delays in taking action against the police for this fault. The alleged victim has left the police.

There is no doubt that these unnecessary delays on the part of the government have contributed to the position we are in today, and it is therefore unlikely that our policy will receive a pay increase from July 1, which it would otherwise have.┬áNTPA President Paul McCue said the government was “under-prepared” and “disrespectful of the process” in its negotiations with the police. Your complaint can be dealt with simply by explaining the law relating to the corresponding police procedure. Otherwise, the mediator may: how your complaint of police misconduct is handled in the NT depends on its seriousness. They are usually contacted to discuss the problem. The Ombudsman`s law requires the police commissioner and the ombudsman to inform each other of the details of each complaint they receive about police misconduct. The government has proposed a 2.5 per cent pay increase in the public service as a flat-rate position, but police say their jobs are different from other public officials, more dangerous, more stressful and occasionally work-related. The government also wants this new agreement to be extended for four years, not the three years covered by the police. The NT Police Association and the government have reached an impasse in the issue of payment included in the police EBA. Peter Bravos, 53, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse without consent, which referred to alleged events after a boozy rescue balloon in November 2004.

You can report to the Ombudsman the faults committed by the police in the NT: a former assistant commissioner of the Police of the Northern Territory was found not guilty of raping a female officer almost 16 years ago. “At a time when other states are trying to attract experienced police officers with attractive pay and professional development opportunities, the territory must remain competitive,” McCue said. If you do not believe that the complaint has been properly handled by the police or if you do not report directly, you can file your complaint with the NT mediator.