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Difficult to read: As the number of changes in the document increases, it becomes difficult to read the document and it becomes more difficult to find spelling errors or spacing problems. Document metadata: Tracking changes and document comparisons often leaves a trail of metadata that may contain confidential information. Therefore, all metadata must be deleted before the document is sent. This requires additional steps and slows down the process. Forget to activate track changes: people who aren`t used to the lane change feature often forget to activate them, and therefore all the following changes are not followed. This complicates the next verification phase and requires you to read the entire document to see what has changed. Loss of formatting: Accepting changes can result in the loss of many types of formatting and may require considerable effort to address them. Resatriating the document after accepting the lane changes can be a difficult task. Often, Word`s conversion to other systems breaks any special formatting (footnotes, special numbering diagrams, etc.).

Only Desktop: Redline is not always displayed on all devices. Therefore, you have to wait until you are in front of your computer to view the documents and track the changes. 3. Connected Multiparty Real-Time Redlining: There is no need to send documents and wait for another version of your opponent to return. All treatments of the internal or external parts can be seen once they are done by a party. My problem with MS Word for Mac`s Compare Documents is this: Redlining doesn`t give me a permanent redlined version. In other words, if the deleted text appears in red in a paragraph with a barred text, I would copy the paragraph with this new format and insert it later. I tried to save in PDF format to get around the problem. While the PDF document looks correct, copy and paste of the PDF file loses by hitting and accentuating the format.

Almost everyone uses MS Word (there is a monopoly for you), so I`ll address Microsoft`s redlining system. In the most recent versions of Word for PC, you turn using the “Compare” button in the “Check” tab. In older versions and in Word for Mac, click “Merge Documents” in the Tools menu. In the old Word, it is sometimes difficult to know which document the software treats as original and which document is considered a revised version.